Pushing the HORIZON to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

HORIZON isn't just an LGBTQIA+ group, it's a beacon of support, a sanctuary of acceptance, and a platform for amplifying diverse voices at Interwell Health.

June 17, 2024
3 minutes
Pride flags

"Being part of the ERG has significantly enhanced my experience at Interwell Health," said Miranda Azurdia, healthcare operations supervisor and HORIZON co-lead. "Being my true, authentic self allows me to produce my best work, as I no longer feel the need to conform to fit in with others."

HORIZON is an Interwell Health employee resource group (ERG) for colleagues who identify as LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, non-binary, +). HORIZON stands for Humility, Open Heart, Respect, Inclusion, Zealousness, Open Mind, and Nurture.


From struggles for equal rights to battles against discrimination, the journey toward full acceptance and inclusivity is ongoing for the LGBTQIA+ community. HORIZON recognizes this reality and aims to provide a voluntary, employee-led safe space for education, awareness, and advocacy supporting LGBTQIA+ team members and allies through various activities including hosting an informative series during Black History Month. These initiatives serve as inflection points for dialogue, learning, and solidarity.

HORIZON is among a number of ERGs that help support our commitment to building a culture of inclusion and belonging, a cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility framework.

“It is refreshing to hear our stories and find a place where we can be who we are and be comfortable knowing it's okay.”

Empowering LGBTQIA+ Voices

With about 45 employees involved as active members or allies, HORIZON helps ensure that LGBTQIA+ colleagues are not just heard, but also seen, valued, and celebrated. By cultivating a culture of respect and understanding, HORIZON empowers its members to thrive professionally and personally.

Through regular meetings and workshops, HORIZON provides a safe space for open dialogue where experiences, concerns, and ideas are shared without fear of judgment. “It is refreshing to hear our stories and find a place where we can be who we are and be comfortable knowing it's okay,” shared Maloy Mendoza, RN care manager and HORIZON member.

Allies are encouraged to join HORIZON to support and learn alongside their LGBTQIA+ colleagues. As Lisa Taylor, healthcare operations supervisor and HORIZON member, shares, “I have several loved ones who are living their best lives and some who still struggle with identity or their experience. I will support them wherever they are in this experience by being curious, sharing joy, being present, advocating, and being open to learning.

Looking ahead, the ERG would like to introduce several new initiatives for members and allies to further support the LGBTQIA+ community. HORIZON plans to start an LGBTQIA+ book club, celebrate LGBTQIA+ History Month with activities and events, and ensure LGBTQIA+ employees have access to necessary resources and support within our company.

Celebrating Pride Month

This Pride Month, HORIZON marked the occasion with a series of events, activities, and volunteer opportunities to celebrate, educate, and inspire.

From virtual social events to collaborating with other ERGs for educational discussions about intersectionality, HORIZON has a calendar filled with opportunities for members to come together and honor the community's history and resilience.